Digital Income Project – Shorts University

Shorts University – The simple steps, tools, and methods to build a passive income stream with YouTube shorts.

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Shorts University – The simple steps, tools, and methods to build a passive income stream with YouTube shorts.

This is the method I have personally used to:

  • Grow an account to 75K subs in less than a year
  • Have niche with a CPM of over $10
  • Earn over $3,500 in additonal income by working less than 1 hour every month

I will show you everything I have learned along the way so you can achieve similar results.

What’s Inside Digital Income Project – Shorts University?

Phase 1 – Getting Started

  • The road that lays ahead
  • The Anatomy of a Successful SHORTS Channel
  • Determining Your Niche
  • Digital Real Estate
  • Getting Started

Phase 2 – Algorithm Bootcamp

  • Formula for Going Viral
  • How the Algo Actually Works

Phase 3 – Your Content System

  • How I create Shorts
  • Researching Viral Topics

Phase 4 – Monetization

  • Shorts monetization
  • CPMs
  • Other ways to earn

Phase 5 – Scale and Long Term

  • Scaling your channel
  • Autopilot model
  • Equity
  • Exit plan
Name of Course: Digital Income Project – Shorts University
Author Price: $150
Sale Page: _
Release Date: 2023
File Size: 374.5 MB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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