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Learn how proprietary trading firm professionals trade. Methods you otherwise couldn’t access.

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ICT Style Trader – Learn how proprietary trading firm professionals trade. Methods you otherwise couldn’t access.

Set yourself apart from the crowd—Profit by taking the other side of the masses.

Cut your learning curve—Shadow a career trader’s expertise markets reward.

Compound your growth. Receive one-on-one mentoring to guide & support you.

Learn set play trades. And retain an edge when markets change.

What will you learn inside ICT Style Trader?

  • Basic of Stock Market
  • Price Action
  • Understanding Order Blocks
  • Advanced SH+BOS+RTO
  • Understanding Liquidity Vol 1
  • Understanding Liquidity Vol 2
  • Understanding Liquidity Vol 3
  • How to Select Momentum Stocks Vol 1
  • Wyckoff Schematic (Accumulation-Distribution)
  • When Everything Come Together
  • Doubt Session
  • Option Trading
  • Option Trading
  • Option Trading
  • Doubt Session
  • About The BossTraders
  • +7 years of trading experience
  • Smart money trader
  • Learn everything about Institutional trading
Name of Course: The BossTraders – ICT Style Trader
Author Price: $299
Sale Page: _n/a
Release Date: 2022
File Size: 3.63 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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