AI Publisher Pro – Joe Popelas

Learn How AI Digital Products Took Him From a Broke College Kid to Generating 360k in Profits in Under 12 Months.

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AI Publisher Pro Membership – Learn How AI Digital Products Took Him From a Broke College Kid to Generating 360k in Profits in Under 12 Months.

You may have seen Joe Popelas before on TikTok, or not. He’s the owner of the largest AI book brand on the market with a $930K+ valuation. he has done $50K+ months selling books written by AI. How? He writes books in an hour and get them on the market before any of his competitors.

He has built his million dollar book brand, it’s time for you to start yours.

What’s included in AI Publisher Pro Membership?

  • Weekly Live Q&A
    Talk to me live every Saturday at 11:00am EST and ask me any questions about AI book generation, marketing and selling.
  • Community Access
    Chat and connect with hundreds of other like-minded individuals on the same path. Learn and grow with community support.
  • Contact Me Directly
    Get one on one support from me directly for anything related to AI book generation, marketing and selling.
  • Book Generation Prompts
    Learn how to write high quality books in hours, not years. Perfectly crafted prompts for any niche or subject.
  • View My Landing Pages
    View five of my landing page templates in PNG format. Understand my process for structuring, layout and copy.
  • Book Organizer
    Keep your books organized with my Book Content Organizing Notion template. Create books efficiently and accurately.

Joe Popelas – Serial Entrepreneur

“I know what it feels like… Failing to make money online for years. I succeeded at everything but always got burned in the end. I’ve tried it all. Years of struggle and hard work. AI books is what took me to the next level.”

His book brand has grown into a monster. Competition doesn’t scare him. He’s here to teach you the process that made him a millionaire.

Name of Course: Joe Popelas – AI Publisher Pro
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 16.67 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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