A to Z Formula – Brendan Elias

The world’s premier event on product sourcing and selling on Amazon and beyond.

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A to Z Formula – The world’s premier event on product sourcing and selling on Amazon and beyond.

The course is divided into modules, each of which covers a specific aspect of eCommerce business. The first module covers the basics of eCommerce, including how to choose a niche, how to find and source products, and how to set up an online store. The second module focuses on product research, and teaches students how to find and evaluate potential products to sell.

The third module is all about branding and marketing. Students will learn how to create a unique brand identity for their business, and how to use various marketing channels to reach potential customers. This module also covers social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising.

The fourth module is all about sales and conversions. Students will learn how to optimize their online store for maximum conversions, and how to create effective sales funnels to drive sales. This module also covers customer service, and teaches students how to build strong relationships with their customers.

The final module covers scaling and growth. Students will learn how to scale their business by expanding into new markets and selling on multiple platforms. This module also covers outsourcing, and teaches students how to delegate tasks and build a team to support their growing business.

The course includes a variety of learning materials, including video tutorials, written guides, and interactive exercises. Students also have access to a private community forum, where they can connect with other students and get support from Brendan Elias and his team.

One of the unique features of the A to Z Formula course is the “over the shoulder” video tutorials. In these videos, Brendan walks students through every step of the process, from setting up an online store to creating a marketing campaign. This approach allows students to see exactly how things are done, and to follow along at their own pace.

Everything You Are Getting Inside A to Z Formula

  • Core Video Training ($2,997 Value)​
  • “Product Sourcing Made Easy” Workshop ($5,000)
  • Private Group Coaching “Forever”* ($5,940 Value)
  • Expert VIP Concierge Team ($1,188 Value)
  • Little “Black Book” Of Suppliers (Priceless)
Name of Course: Brendan Elias – A to Z Formula
Author Price: $1997
Sale Page: _
Release Date: 2023
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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