ChatGPT Mastery – Drake Surach

25+ ChatGPT modules, updated content when ChatGPT updates, Notion workspaces for your success and organization

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ChatGPT Mastery – You’ll gain access to 25+ ChatGPT modules, updated content when ChatGPT updates, Notion workspaces for your success and organization

What You Get in ChatGPT Mastery:

  • 25+ Course Modules
    Get access to 25+ ChatGPT course modules. These modules are designed to help you go from creating an account to solving complex problems with ChatGPT. These course modules will update as ChatGPT updates!
  • ChatGPT Notion Template
    Obtain entry to a Notion template I personally customized for ChatGPT organization and workflow! This template helps organize your prompts and notes in folders and keeps everything ChatGPT related in one place.

What’s inside ChatGPT Mastery?

Section 1 – ChatGPT: The basics, account creation, use cases

  • What is ChatGPT?
  • Creating an account
  • The dashboard and settings
  • Free vs plus
  • ChatGPT use cases

Section 2 – Beginners Prompting

  • Prompting questions and commands
  • Output formatting
  • Concision and context principles
  • Adding system functions
  • Descriptors, styles, tones

Section 3 – Advanced Prompting

  • Few-shot prompting
  • Synthesized learning (dual prompt approach)
  • Prompt priming
  • Problem-solving paradigm

Section 4 – Plugins and Web Browsing

  • Enabling features and understanding opportunities
  • Web browsing guide and use cases
  • Plugins guide and use cases

Section 5 – Ethics and Limitations

  • Ethics
  • Limitations

Section 6 – How I’ve Applied ChatGPT for Success

  • Scaling my income using ChatGPT
  • Tailored health and workout plans using ChatGPT
  • Generating AI image prompts using ChatGPT

Section 7 – ChatGPT Organization Hub (Notion Template)

  • Workspace installation process
  • Workspace navigation
  • How to utilize this workspace
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 6.71 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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