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48 Hour Continuity is a course that teaches individuals how to create and launch a continuity program for their business. A continuity program is a recurring revenue stream that provides customers with ongoing access to products or services. This type of business model is designed to provide a steady and predictable source of income for the business, and is typically based on a monthly or annual subscription.

The course likely covers topics such as how to create a compelling offer, how to set up and manage a continuity program, and how to market and promote the program to potential customers. It may also provide practical advice and strategies for launching and growing a successful continuity program.

What is a 48 Hour Continuity program?

A 48 Hour Continuity program is a recurring revenue model in which a business provides customers with ongoing access to products or services, typically on a monthly or annual subscription basis. The goal of a continuity program is to create a steady and predictable source of income for the business.

48 Hour Continuity programs are commonly used for a variety of products and services, including physical products, digital products, and services. They can be designed to provide customers with access to exclusive content, resources, or benefits that are not available to non-subscribers. The key to a successful continuity program is to create an offer that is compelling and provides value to customers over an extended period of time.

To set up a continuity program, a business typically needs to have a process in place for handling recurring billing and customer management, as well as a marketing plan for promoting the program to potential customers. Effective continuity programs require careful planning, testing, and optimization in order to achieve the desired results.

Here’s just a taste of what’s waiting for you in 48 Hour Continuity:

48 Hour Continuity programs

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