Simpler Trading – Triple Play Strategy Elite

Discover Bruce’s secret for turning curveballs into consistent income.

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Triple Play Strategy Elite – Looking for a flexible, repeatable options income strategy? Discover Bruce’s secret for turning curveballs into consistent income

Uncover Bruce’s “rinse and repeat” method for gains in any market

It’s no secret that volatility is everywhere. When met with volatile conditions, many wonder if it’s even possible to maintain or achieve consistent returns. That’s why former fund trader Bruce Marshall has focused on a flexible, “rinse and repeat” method designed to “play ball” in these wild conditions.

Introducing Bruce’s “Triple Play Strategy Elite”

Bruce poured his 33+ years of experience as a full-time trader into this strategy. While other traders are getting their accounts shredded into bits, Bruce’s Triple Play Strategy allows him to dial the risk up or down to match the current conditions.

It gives him two reliable ways to trade – hitting market curve balls while avoiding account “strikeouts.”

This is how he can profit in multiple scenarios with just one simple strategy. Because Bruce has been so successful with the Triple Play strategy, he agreed to do an in depth training on exactly how and when he uses this powerful strategy.

In Triple Play Strategy Elite, step-by-step course you’ll discover how to:

  • How to predictably harness volatility with one simple setup
  • How to adapt your strategy for bullish, neutral, or bearish conditions
  • How to dial your risk up or down automatically to match the market
  • How I’ve achieved double-digit annual returns 7-years in a row
  • What it means to have a “theta friendly” strategy (and why it’s so important)
  • The “rinse, repeat” strategy that turns “curveballs” into steady income
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