The Closing and Negotiations Course by Ryan Serhant

The 20+ master negotiation strategies you need to play the game and close the deal from day one.

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The Closing and Negotiations Course for Real Estate Agents teaches you the 20+ master negotiation strategies you need to play the game and close the deal from day one.

Agents from top brokerages have leveraged Sell It Like Serhant to scale their businesses

What You Get When You Enroll The Closing and Negotiations Course By Ryan Serhant:

  • Close Deals on Day One
    Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method to close deals on day one.
  • Win Any Negotiation
    Master negotiation types, styles, and tactics to come out on top.
  • Make Your Clients Happy
    Walk away from every transaction knowing you got a great deal that left everybody satisfied.
  • Influence Negotiation Outcomes
    Influence the power dynamic in your negotiations using body language, word choice, and positioning proven to win.
  • Do Business Faster and Easier
    When you do deals fast, you have more time to sell more properties and earn more money.
  • Master 20+ Expert Negotiation Skills
    Learn the art of closing the deal through real-life examples from Ryan Serhant and his team of expert negotiators.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside The Closing and Negotiations Course

Part 1: The CODO Method

  • Master Ryan’s proprietary CODO Method — the first time he’s pulling back the curtain on how he closes so many deals
  • Understand the types, styles, and tactics of negotiation you’ll customize to WIN in any situation
  • Discover the key factors influencing any DEAL and your CODO method moves to counter them
  • Eliminate the #1 deal killer: Hesitancy

Part 2: The Playbook

  • Conquer emotions and FEAR to use it to your advantage in any situation​
  • Discover The Funnel Technique to narrow into the exact drivers that will get your client to ultimately say YES
  • Learn to play all sides of the court and manage expectations with Ryan’s secret weapon, Jen Alese
  • Learn the key improv skills that will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable

Part 3: Putting it All Together

  • Body language matters: Follow these six strategies to demonstrate power in any negotiation
  • Join Ryan and Myka Meier to learn some key power plays to help you shift the dynamic in your favor
  • Watch a REAL negotiation in progress, and see how Ryan uses CODO strategies to find the sweet spot
  • Follow in real time as Ryan critiques SERHANT. agents Talia and Savannah as they navigate a REAL negotiation
Name of Course: The Closing and Negotiations Course by Ryan Serhant
Author Price: $997
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Release Date: 2023
File Size: 6.65 GB
Delivery Method: Free Download (cloud drive)
Content: Video, Pdfs

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