Building A Second Brain Foundation – Tiago Forte

A trusted place outside your head where you can collect and organize your most important ideas and insights

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Building A Second Brain Foundation – A “Second Brain” is simply the name for a trusted place outside your head where you can collect and organize your most important ideas and insights (while filtering out the junk) and use them to do your best work.

So, what exactly is a Second Brain?

A minute ago, I told you it’s a place for storing your ideas and information. And while your Second Brain is indeed a place, it’s more than that. It’s a system you follow.

Think of it as an operating system, like Windows or iOS. Except for your life and work.

The Second Brainers (as we call ourselves) use this system daily.

Every time they come across a new piece of useful information, it enters their system. And when they begin a new project at work or at home, the tasks flow from their system.

Of course, we have a name for that, too. It’s called CODE.

CODE is our proven process for consistently turning the information you consume into creative output and concrete results.

When you join Building A Second Brain Foundation, we promise that you’ll…

  • Beat information overload – You’ll reduce stress and anxiety by knowing what to keep and what to ignore. Your best ideas will be preserved forever in a way you can easily find them again.
  • Organize your digital life – You’ll create a digital environment that promotes flow, clarity, and peace of mind so you can do your best work at any time.
  • Make consistent progress on your most important projects – You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on the things most meaningful to you, whether that’s your family, a new creative challenge, or your career or business growth.
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