Top 10 Best Amazon FBA Courses 2023

Contemplating the idea of delving into an Amazon course? Look no further. Our team of experts has meticulously evaluated the top-tier Amazon FBA courses that are presently at your disposal.

Our intention is to not only provide you with insightful reviews but also to be your time-saver, steering you towards optimal success within the realm of Amazon. With our guidance, you can rest assured that your hard-earned money won’t be squandered.

Having meticulously examined and assessed an array of Amazon FBA courses that are currently in circulation in 2023, we’ve left no stone unturned. Our scrutiny encompassed a spectrum of offerings, ranging from private label courses to Amazon wholesale courses and retail arbitrage courses.

What lies ahead is an insightful exploration of our findings—what resonated with us, what fell short of expectations, and, most crucially, which courses warrant caution. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the depths of our analysis.

The Best Amazon FBA Course 2023

1. Bretty Curry (Smart Marketer) – Smart Amazon Ecommerce 2023

Bretty Curry Smart Marketer – Smart Amazon Ecommerce review

Quickly add 10–15% in revenue to your ecommerce brand: Launch (or scale) onto Amazon in as little as 2 weeks using the proven system from a $150 million/year agency.

Smart Amazon Ecommerce provide A-to-Z instructions from Amazon expert Brett Curry on how to set up a high-converting storefront, manage product logistics & use his advanced marketing tactics to unlock the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace.

About Author:

Brett Curry
CEO, OMG Commerce
First and foremost, Brett’s passion is helping eCommerce companies grow their businesses through creative marketing efforts. And as the CEO of OMG Commerce, Brett has played a key role in the growth of some of the fastest-growing ecommerce companies today—including BOOM! by Cindy Joseph, Native deodorant, Smarty Pants vitamins, and many more. He’s a repeat presenter at top industry events like Traffic & Conversion Summit, IRCE, Ecommerce All-Stars, Content & Commerce, SMMW, and MDMC. Brett is also the author of The Ultimate Guide to Google Shopping, and he hosts the eCommerce Evolution, a podcast centered on accelerating growth for eCommerce.

Course Outline:

MODULE 1: Crucial Cornerstones Of Amazon E-commerce

⊕ The Goal
⊕ “It’s Not Too Late to Get On Amazon”
⊕ Making Sales vs. Building a Brand
⊕ Amazon as a Primary or Secondary Channel
⊕ Building Customer Loyalty
⊕ Getting Familiar WIth Amazon

MODULE 2: Preparing Your Launch Roadmap

⊕ “Our Brand and Our Customer That’s Our True North”
⊕ Keyword Research
⊕ Keyword Research Template
⊕ Competitor Research
⊕ Refining Keyword Research
⊕ Listing Optimization
⊕ Listing Creation
⊕ Review Acquisition
⊕ “It All Begins with Keyword Research”

MODULE 3: Managing Amazon Logistics

⊕ “You Got to Sweat the Small Stuff”
⊕ Account Setup
⊕ Seller Fees & Reimbursement
⊕ Average Cost of Amazon Fees
⊕ Customer Service & Messaging
⊕ Account Settings & Returns
⊕ Managing Shipping, Labeling, & Prep
⊕ Account Health
⊕ “The Devil is Truly in the Details”

MODULE 4: Setting Up Your Amazon Storefront

⊕ “I Look at the Storefront As a Litmus Test”
⊕ Amazon Storefront Overview
⊕ Storefront Buildout
⊕ A+ Content Overview
⊕ A+ Content Buildout
⊕ Brand Story Overview
⊕ Brand Story Buildout
⊕ “It’s All About Your Brand”

MODULE 5: Amazon Marketing

⊕ “If You’re Not on Amazon, Someone Else is Getting that Sale.”
⊕ Amazon Sponsored Ads
⊕ Components of Sponsored Ads
⊕ Sponsored Product Ads
⊕ Sponsored Brand Ads
⊕ Sponsored Display Ads
⊕ Brand Defense Ads
⊕ Optimizing Your Ads
⊕ Optimization: Bulk
⊕ “Start With the Simple Things”

MODULE 6: What Success On Amazon Looks Like

⊕ “Data is Only Valuable If You Take Action”
⊕ KPIs: Knowing What to Measure
⊕ Account Health Audits
⊕ Quarterly Growth Audits
⊕ “What Story is the Data Telling Us?”

MODULE 7: Advanced Amazon Strategies

⊕ “Test, Test, Test, and Re-Test”
⊕ Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)
⊕ Google to Amazon
⊕ Converting Search Terms and ASINs
⊕ “Whatever Your ‘Why’
Amazon Can Help You Get There Faster”

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