New Email Masters 2023 – Lukas Resheske

You’ll get the opportunity to write for my own personal clients, LIVE, so you can see your emails in action.

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New Email Masters 2023 – You’ll get the opportunity to write for my own personal clients, LIVE, so you can see your emails in action.

Can You Write A Simple Email?

If So, You May Never Have To Worry About Your Job Or Livelihood Ever Again

Instead, you’ll be in high demand by thousands of big businesses with deep pockets, ready to pay you for your skills as an Email Copywriter.

Business owners are paying freelancer copywriters rates between $20-$200 per email. And if you learn a few simple but powerful tricks, you can join them immediately…no degree needed, no license needed, and not even needing a website, prior experience, or special talent.

These are big claims, I know. But I’ve seen it happen over and over and over.

Most businesses are not emailing effectively…or even at all.

Many businesses are neglecting their email lists.

The businesses who aren’t are STILL in a constant battle to send valuable, interesting, and profitable emails to their list on a consistent basis.


Because email marketing takes Time, Consistency, and Special Expertise.

If you’re a small business, you don’t have time to write emails consistently…and you don’t have time to learn the correct way to manage a list, write compelling copy, or segment your lists effectively for the highest value.

So you hire someone who does.

If you’re a big business, you’re probably paying multiple people to write your emails.

That’s where you come in
Email Copywriters are in HIGH demand…and really good email copywriters are rare.

I can keep going with evidence, proof, and a bunch of other data that will leave absolutely no doubt in your mind that this is real.

I can show you how A.D. got a list of 700,000 unused, un-emailed names and proceeded to do more sales in a month than the company had made the whole last year IN THE MIDDLE OF A QUARANTINE.

I can show you how I personally set a daily sales record for my client in the heart of COVID-19 Panic using nothing but email.

I can show you how another student, John Nguyen, got clients and got paid during the crisis.

I can show you mountains of data that prove Email is going NOWHERE, and is actually becoming a more effective marketing channel as time goes on.

I can show you how more buyers, not just “info-seekers” use email as their main sales education channel.

But instead, I’d like to invite you to join my New Email Masters 2023 Program and prove it to yourself.

This is an elite Training + Coaching program.

You’ll learn exactly how to write emails that sell, and you’ll learn how to find high paying clients for your services.

Then, you’ll participate in The Gauntlet, which is a ‘trial by fire’ where you’ll get Personalized, unique feedback on your copy, your client getting emails, and your applications for gigs.

IF you want to make this a real source of income and skills for yourself,  the New Email Masters 2023 program is the best possible choice you can make.

What You Get Inside New Email Masters 2023 – Lukas Resheske:

– The Science Of High Converting Email Marketing,

where I breakdown the 2 Core Email Types and how they’re used to increase sales and retention.

This is essentially my entire email copywriting framework. How to write them, when to write certain kinds, and the science behind making strategic decisions like “what should I write about”

Every business I implement this in sees their open rates double or triple and stay there over time. Their revenue obviously improves as well from this.

– Getting Email Copy Clients,

where I show you exactly who the best clients are,

how to find them online,

how to approach them to start conversations,

and how to close $2,000-$5,000 per month retainers WITHOUT hard selling.

Because Email copywriters are the “Hidden Desire” most business owners have, there’s a specific way to talk to them that unlocks this need to hire you at whatever rate you choose.

But most copywriters aren’t doing this, which means you’ll have a Blue Ocean of clients to choose from!

– The Gauntlet: The world’s first sales training for email copywriters.

This is a brainchild of Jex’s and mine, because we see copywriters struggle to close deals when they don’t understand sales.

So, rather than giving you a pitch script (which doesn’t work) we decided to do something better:

We’re running a sales gauntlet. You’ll apply to our private “gig”, get real feedback as if you’d sent it to a client, and we’ll critique your approach, samples, and messaging to make you a more effective email copywriter.

It’s intense, and you might not like it. But it will help you understand exactly what happens after you hit “send” on your application or “friend” on Facebook.

You can Download New Email Masters 2023 for only $39.95

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File Size: 14.49 GB
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