Gusten Sun – Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0

Teaches individuals how to design and build effective sales funnels for their businesses.

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Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 is a course that teaches individuals how to design and build effective sales funnels for their businesses. Sales funnels are a series of steps or stages that a potential customer goes through in order to make a purchase. Effective sales funnels can help businesses convert more leads into customers and increase their revenue.

The Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 course likely covers topics such as funnel design, copywriting, and marketing automation, and provides practical advice and strategies for building high-converting sales funnels.

What’s a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a marketing concept that represents the journey a potential customer goes through in order to become a customer. It typically consists of several stages, each designed to move the customer closer to making a purchase. The stages in a sales funnel can vary, but typically include:

  1. Awareness: The customer becomes aware of a product or service and begins to engage with a business’s marketing messages.
  2. Interest: The customer expresses interest in the product or service and seeks out more information.
  3. Desire: The customer develops a desire for the product or service and begins to consider making a purchase.
  4. Action: The customer makes a purchase and becomes a customer.

The goal of a sales funnel is to guide potential customers through each stage, moving them closer to making a purchase, and to optimize the customer experience by addressing the unique needs and concerns of each stage. By creating an effective sales funnel, businesses can increase their conversion rates and revenue.

Sales funnels can be used for a variety of products and services, including physical products, digital products, and services. They can be created using a variety of marketing tools, such as landing pages, email marketing, and marketing automation software.

Who Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0 is perfect for

  • Funnel Designers & Consultants
    This course is perfect for all types of funnel designers, builders, copywriters and business owners who work with clients to build overall better, higher converting sales funnel systems.
  • Freelancers & Agencies
    It’s also perfect for any type of freelancers or agencies looking to improve their own OR client funnels, design wise or conversion wise. No matter your niche, you need great funnels.
  • Experts &CEO’s, Coaches
    FFD is also perfect for any expert, CEO, business owner, influencer, creator or coach who’s looking to grow their business. Why? Because we cover everything around funnels for all businesses, not just agencies.
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