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Project Platinum is a brand new affiliate marketing training program by Robby Blanchard that uses AI tools and generates affiliate profits.

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Project Platinum by Robby Blanchard is a brand new affiliate marketing training program by Robby Blanchard that uses AI tools and generates affiliate profits.

Robby has named it Project Platinum because this program trains its users to earn at least $250,000 on Clickbank platform in a year.

When you make $250K in sales, you get a Platinum award from Clickbank. Continue reading to find out what makes this program helpful and how you can set up an independent business at home and start a passive income.

What is Project Platinum?

Project Platinum by Robby Blanchard is a complete guide on how to step your feet into digital entrepreneurship. It offers guidance, AI tools, and access to the latest software that helps set up an online business.

It is created for people that spend the most time at home and need a little help to make some cash. Interestingly, it does not need any education, degree, background, or experience in running or working with a business. Students, part-time workers, housewives, stay-at-home mommies, and everyone can join Project Platinum without a qualification test.

It has a fully developed website with information on how to make money following simple steps. There are many testimonials shared, exhibiting how some trainees were able to make thousands of dollars within a few weeks of this training. And the best part is that the profit continues to expand without any standard or limit.

The person behind this program is Robby Blanchard. You may know him from Blanchard Media, the company he owns. He is also famous in the affiliate world as a mentor and one of the best ClickBank affiliate markers. This program is his way of helping newcomers understand this world and start generating profits without making the common mistakes that most people make.

What You Get Inside Project Platinum:

  • Component 1: 6 Week LIVE MasterClass – 6 Weeks of cutting edge training and coaching designed to help you get up and running on your way to Platinum!
  • Component 2: Money Magnet Traffic Training – The key to making thousands per day online is scale.
  • Component 3: $250k Elite Platinum Offers – We’ve cut out all the guesswork for you and hand picked the best offers that we know can propel you $250k and beyond.
  • Component 4: 7 Figure Platinum Case Studies – Success leaves clues and that’s why you’ll get access to interviews and case studies of students who have reached platinum and beyond.
  • Component 5: Instant Scale Training – The key to success is scale. If something is working you want to do more of it! That’s why in this section we cover how to scale up fast to go from $500 to $5000 per day and beyond!
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