Simpler Trading – Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0

The “Secret Sauce” for turning wild market swings into steady income

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Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0 – The “Secret Sauce” for turning wild market swings into steady income

What is Simpler Trading?

Simpler Trading is a financial education and trading services company that provides training and resources to help individuals make informed trading decisions. The company offers a range of products and services, including trading courses, real-time trade alerts, mentorship programs, and ongoing market analysis and insights.

The focus of Simpler Trading is to help individuals learn how to trade a variety of financial instruments, including stocks, options, futures, and foreign currencies.

What is Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0?

Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0 is a trading strategy that is focused on options trading. It is likely a comprehensive training program or course that teaches individuals how to trade options effectively and profitably.

The course may cover topics such as options pricing, risk management, and trading psychology, as well as provide detailed instructions on how to implement the “Bulletproof Butterflies” strategy.

In the course, you’ll discover:

  • How to generate consistent options income in ‘all weather’ conditions
  • How to build a “Bulletproof Butterfly” to withstand wild price swings
  • Bruce’s “go-to” weekly options setup for indexes and individual stocks
  • Bruce’s step-by-step blueprint for weekly butterflies.
  • How to defend your trades from attack (and when NOT to)
  • How to “dial” your trade up or down to match your income goals
Name of Course: Simpler Trading – Bulletproof Butterflies 2.0
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Release Date: 2022
File Size: 15.05 GB
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